About Us

Callab Engineering Services Pvt Ltd

CALLAB specializes in Precise Calibration, Process Instrumentation, Testing and Service of Valves, Hydro testing, Pressure Testing, Spark Testing, Load Testing, and Fabrication Services. Our services comply with ISO 9001-2008 standard Quality Management System requirements. All tests are carried out as per the company’s Standard Operating Procedures in compliance with the Quality Standard guidelines, Manufacturer’s recommended practices, and International Standards as applicable.

CALLAB is committed to provide sustainable customer service and satisfaction, prompt turnaround, and total equipment management.

  • Calibration, Testing and Services on-site (Customer site) (or) in our calibration facility
  • We provide reminder E-mail to customers on monthly basis to notify when their instruments / equipments are due for calibration/Testing.
  • We provide customer the access to our database online which helps them to manage their equipment schedules and print their previous calibration/testing certificates.
  • Quick turnaround times that accommodate a tight schedule.
  • We provide both pickup and delivery services to our customers.
  • We supply a diverse range of products worldwide for Rental/Sales.